Support every development stage, from target identification to lead optimisation, to achieve a preclinical proof of concept

We know that the biotech sector is highly characterised, relative to others, by a predominant technological and scientific risk

It is for this reason that we stick with the research teams on the entire development process, crafting with them a tailored project plan that meets the business and scientific needs of every initiative so that we can be ready to face every obstacle along the way and achieve the pre agreed milestones. As part of our strategy, we believe that financing in tranches reduces risks and makes the small progression steps that compose an overall successful path, efficient.

Decisions are taken by the board of EXTEND which counts more than 50 cumulative years of experience between the 3 members with skills posed at the intersection of finance and science.

Some examples of Projects that are likely to receive financing:

Target validation – Using tool compounds and antibodies from literature or patents, primary cells and/or in vivo models will be used to demonstrate target engagement with a relevant disease relevant readout

Screening and hit identification – For targets of interest we are offering to perform screening with biochemical, functional and cellular responses using Evotec’s proprietary high-throughput screening technologies or other commercial platforms. This can be through providing access to Evotec’s 400,000 compound screening library or antibody production capabilities. Alternatively, we will work with your own chemical matter to develop this further or use in house computational tools to identify additional starting points

Antibody development – Where the target dictates, novel antibody identification and subsequent optimization is available. Generated antibodies are then applied to disease relevant in vitro and in vivo assays to demonstrate the proposed mechanism-of-action

Structural biology – X-ray crystallography, NMR and other biophysical methods may be applied to understand the mechanism of binding and thus prioritise optimisation

In vitro validation – Characterize the potency, selectivity and the functional effects of small molecule or antibody candidates in a suite of translational assays using primary cells from rodents, primates or humans and iPSC models

In vivo validation – Using Evotec’s comprehensive and flexible range of DMPK assays we will aim to test optimised compounds in a suite of disease relevant in vivo models also in the PI´s laboratory

Artificial Intelligence-driven Medicinal Chemistry – We will be able to support your Project by designing, synthesizing and scaling up the analogues required to test your compounds in the most relevant biological systems and to develop them further to safe and efficacious treatments while securing a route to novel IP

RNA, cell and gene therapy – In bespoke cases, the target might require the exploitation of alternative therapeutic formats. These could be antisense RNA to modulate protein expression levels, cell therapy to replace malfunctioning tissue or gene therapy to restore activity of a gene or add additional functionality